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In the image of Sony, the movement of The Star, small, but brave, called Bo, often grows out of her daily, to the grunge of the village. As soon as she found the courage to escape, and finally came to an adventure of her dreams.On his trip he met Ruth, a kind of sheep, who lost his sheep and Dave, a very pure bird. Includes three desperate camels and some penguins, Bo and his new friends followed the star and became the heroes of the great history they spoke.- The first Christmas.

The presidency, which received four presidents, has encouraged the first journalist of women’s newspapers and editors to participate in the struggle between newspapers and the government.When US analyst Daniel Ellsberg knew his hatred was in the depths of a government prisoner of futility of the United States in the Vietnam War, he knew that it was time to measure by copying secret documents as a documentPentagon. Then the Washington State Department, Kay Graham, also negotiated how most of his wife worked when the editor of Ben Bradleyay found that the New York Times arrested them by explaining the documents.When trying to compete, send a report that finds himself Ellsberg and a full copy of these articles. However, a public plan to disseminate their findings will compromise the government’s rules,Which one may judge for all denial. Now, Kay Graham must decide whether to deny the security of his newspaper, or to spread and fight the law of liberty. In this way,Graham and his team will join the fight for the protection of the Democratic Republic of the Union of America

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