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And so good, because Resident Evil 5 and 6 mess. They are trying to recover the criminal case, but they steal more than steak. Resident Evil 7 is not a third person who will kill many fans, but at least this is something new in this franchise.

This is really the seventh of the game, but the seventh is followed by biological weapons.

SilentMaeBukit 2 has a great impact on the planet

Independence without franchise and any other genres, Resident Evil 7 is the firstThe idea in the game came back, horror survival. The game has reduced its roots in many ways, increasing the suspension, making the enemy more dangerous, leaving it with little inventory. In this game you are a lot more vulnerable.

No They are part of any kind of military or police, and they do not have any training. You are just an ordinary Joe trying to survive. Although Capcom does not add massive game maturity, he has taken some excellent Silent Hill 2 tips and is very smart(and it’s scary) and it plays in the right direction. This game is a step by step, expected by the supporters of Resident Evil, which means that B-movie content is less, but that’s not necessarily bad.

There are more places, good tracking, but also false fake / breaks are not so good.

Atmosphere, graphics and fun

Shooting scene is amazing. They are not full of assets or excitement, but because they are atmospheric and frightening. Mystery and tension are also Resident Evilno two sequences. Soundtrack, sound effects and music, dark, horrible, frightening and true.

This game has not been felt as exciting and full of character since Resident Evil 4, and it’s easy to get the first Evil Resident game. Graphics of the game will not fall into the jaws, as most fans expect. He does not break the games; They are a little disappointing.

However, as Resident Evil 1 repeats again, Resident Evil 7 can be better rebuilt. This game is very amazing, Evil ResidentialGames does not happen in a short time. You can mix some of the game environment in the previous mode so that the game becomes more interesting.


Give a chance, especially if you hate Resident Evil 5 and 6. This is what the first one reminds us of, and this franchise will fall in love with you again. Franchises are not dead.

If a franchise brings the dead, it’s Resident Evil. If you do not see the gameplay and love it, you will have to wait until you buy it before buying. Game playing very littleWhile he was doing it, but as in the game Evil most games, he frightened the time factor for more time to solve it.

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