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Blue Blood Dominika Egorova updated, it is a sparrow school where the very essence of religion is that intelligence, was forced to use its services in the body is a weapon of the Russian language. However, her first mission, targeting a CIA agent, and threatened to unravel the security of the nation. youngRussian afitserrazvedki is corrupt for the first time, the price of the CIA CIA is the most difficult and delicate Russian indifference to heal properly. Two young officers are faced with the atmosphere of commerce, trade sin error; There is nothing in life, or others in excess ofzabaronenuyupassionminatus.

SparrowThe based on the book Lorem same name Red developer worth Russian spy, by Dominika Egorova, who falls in love with CIA officer Tull Nash. She let the double standard in the spectacle of public affairs, which had been king.


Name: Na

Clade: NA

Total Release Date2 maya2018

Genre: Thriller

Duration: Not available

Dispenser 20th Century Fox

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons H. Schoenaerts

Director: Francisco Lorenzo

Format: 2D

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