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OMSI 2 is a simulation game that puts the player in the driving seat of a large bus center. The players are in charge of managing the bus by choosing different routes through the city of Berlin and the one who has ever dreamed of visiting this magical city on vacation busmans will finally make a change torealize their dreams.

Always on board

There are many different controls for OMSI 2 different players, although it’s a bit complicated Initially, it helps to add realism to the game and will probably attract many followers into the simulation. There are many variations in the game, such as different weatheropportunities, weather and city traffic to keep the game fresh, although players will surely notice a few mistakes, such as passengers, who stand halfway through the closed doors and brick walls,

in buses

Anyone who has ever wondered what it’s aboutUsing a strong attention gambleon the details of the game, there are certain risks in the country that make little adjustments, such as travelers looking to hover to wait for a bus to arrive, and these elements deter what would otherwise be a pretty solid simulation game.

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