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Known use, new features

Touch a new optimized read mode With Word 2013 you can redirect your documents over your left hand. Changes were assessed by documents and extended by document editing. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also publishes PDF files with no extrasoftware, because Adobe Acrobat is the closest competitor.

excellent In 2013, the new Flash Fill feature automatically repeats the selected cells. Excel examines the entire table, identifies cell links and suggests value or text. Excel also offers the convenience of creating tables and graphs and generates similar onessuggestions. The Kuick Analisis function in Microsoft Office 2013 provides some options for formatting the table.

It distributes the presentation of PoverPoint 2013 to target groups and presenters in two different ways. In addition to the presentation, you can also find out more about the newsletter list and the presenter screen.On tablets you can change them by using diabetic rods, using colors with your clipper or a virtual laser pointer.

In every way, Outlook 2013 contains the missing menus for meetings, contacts, and tasks. Outlook Outlook Email Outlook 2013 is friendly to your tablet. Theythey currently have and, if you like, a wider list of views with larger areas.

Touch Optimization and Minimalistic Design for Windows 8

When you use Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you notice that you made many changes. Only if it is needed is a known tape that allowsusing fingerprints on touch screens. In addition to pictures, you can embed video in HTML code via Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus. All optimized image application applications.

Microsoft Office2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist mosaic design as wellWindows 8 and it looks like everything looks good. Clearly organized icons refer to these important functions, template templates provide tabular tables and beautiful displays.

Conclusion: improved in Office Suite

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus has many useful features and featuresselectively select your device to show. Unfortunately, for the Office Suite, nothing is Selection Elements, and many options are small for trouble.

However, other features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus are much more convincing: PDF Editor offers enhancements, collaboration, integrationwith Skidrive, iscloud and add-ons such as IouTube videos, innovations.

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