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Google Input Tools are an extortion tool that lets you create layouts of a virtual keyboard in different languages.

Private and configurable

Google Input Tools are available for many platforms and devices, including Android devicesand Windows, Chrome, and other Google services. It supports more than 80 languages, and you can talk to almost everyone whenever you want, whether at work, at home or elsewhere. The tool is for writing instead of translation. Google Input Tools keep your adjustments and supporta custom dictionary that allows both hidden and new registered or new names or keywords. As a result, you can send messages with the style of your choice.


Setting the extension is easy and fast. Configuration should take the sametime like any other extension, if not less. Actual time depends on the selected keyboard and the input data method chosen by this optional placement. To start typing in the language you chose, simply click the extension icon, selectlanguage / method and type of input. Based on your choice, you can log in using a virtual keyboard, create a handwriting recognition box, or simply sign in to English and choose the right words from the suggested proposal. People who use differentlanguages ​​on the web, see this extension as a significant time saving.

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