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Default search tool for Windows has been accused always be late or inaccurate and useless. Therefore it is useful to replace the local search engine.

That they should not take the place of you are looking for. This simple, quick tool Maximusomnino all the content on your hard disk (hence the name) and puts them into a growing database using keywords to search for something that they can use the regular browser.

Jeneverovatno fast program to make the installation, content indexing and presentation of the results.Also,it’s not the same for other resources applications. Another difference between the ‘all that there is another search tool that allows you to everyone who makes it to the judge all the content server HTTPavailable online.

This is a nice feature through your files that can be added for the other files computers or share with friends, and the other relating to concerns about podiženeke privacy, especially because there is itafilter what is content and what is the judge, and no one the access control system tothe servant that he may haveHTTP.

Everything is simple, really fast, the notification of the place of the default fields of the local Windows search tool which perfectly’m looking for, but it is not the power of the program for a very regrettable nonNon p.

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