Film Production in Morocco

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You may not know it, but Morocco has been used as the location for the filming of some of the world's greatest movie masterpieces. Throughout the past 50 years, Morocco, and its amazing landscape has been used in film production several times. It is no surprise that so many directors choose to have a film location in Morocco

because of its amazing landscape.In fact, Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Temptation of Christ, Kundun, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and Kingdom of Heaven, have all been used as locations. In fact, two directors enjoyed filming in Morocco so much they did it more than once! Academy Award winners Martin Scorsese (twice) and Ridley Scott (three times) directed movies in here. Morocco film production is big business, but filming in Morocco is just a lot of fun. See In Film for more details.

Sahara Soul Travel is here to make sure that your Morocco film production goes off without a problem. We know that filming in Morocco is not always easy but we will help make things easy by assisting you in everything you need, including finding a film location in Morocco.

Film Permits & government authorizations

To conduct filming in Morocco, you need to have a permit issued to you by the Moroccan Cinematographic Center. Any type of Morocco film production must go through this agency, which governs all film production in Morocco. As the top Morocco tour agency, we have an excellent relationship with them and we will ensure you a speedy process in getting your permits for your Morocco film production. We know you want to get to your film location in Morocco and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Custom clearance in Morocco

Sahara Soul Travel is a luxury-Morocco travel agency and when you come to our country, we will have our partners handle all the custom clearances of the equipment you need for your Morocco film production. Whenever the shipment is expected at Morocco ports or airports, we will have someone there to help you. Film production in Morocco can be easy when you use a well-known and established company like ours. After you have finished shooting in Morocco film production, we will arrange the clearance of the equipment you used and the return shipment of it to you.


When you choose to have a film production in Morocco, you have two choices. You can fly in a whole crew to help you, which costs a lot of money, or you can use our experienced, multilingual professional film crew and technicians. We have many individuals to help you with your Morocco film production, including Production Managers, Location Managers, Production Coordinators, Production Assistants, Production Accountants, Cashiers, Assistant Directors, Focus Pullers, Clappers, Loaders, Art Directors, Set Decorators, Prop Men, Costume Designers, Costume Masters, Gaffers, Electricians, Generator Operators, Grips, Sound Engineers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Runners, Cast Drivers and Construction Crews.


If you need cars, we can provide them to you, with or without drivers. From limos to small cars, we are able to provide any type of vehicle you may need to get to and from your film location in Morocco. Even if it is helicopter charters, we are here to help you out, at a competitive price!

Lighting & grip

Our tour agency is partners with suppliers of a wide assortment of lighting and grip equipment out of our Marrakech base. Your Morocco film production can be made easy with our equipment.

On location material

Our partners can arrange for you to have walkie-talkies, mega phones, wind machines, tents, scaffolding and mobile phones if your Morocco film production needs it. We are committed to making your film production in Morocco as easy as possible through our extensive array of partners who have the products and solutions you need.

Casting in Morocco

Need some extras? Then let Sahara Soul Travel and its partners arrange for Moroccan and Western extras, or even professional Moroccan actors, to help you out with your Morocco film production.

Catering and Accommodation

We know you need somewhere to stay and somewhere to eat, and we know all the best luxury places to do so. We can have our local and European caterers provide some of the best cooking available for your film crews of the Morocco film production. As well, we can get you, your crew and your actors into the best hotels around, while keeping costs low due to our relationship with many different accommodation partners. Film production in Morocco can be a lot of work, let us take care of the sleeping and eating for you!

Props and costumes in Morocco

Our partner's warehouses have plenty of props and costumes that will meet whatever requirement your Morocco film production has. This is just another way that Sahara Soul Travel tries to make your Morocco film production, and your stay in our country, easier.

Use of military equipment and personnel

Very few Morocco film production service companies can use the Moroccan military in feature films and commercials, but we can. We can get you the people you need for your film, no matter what the request. Your Morocco film production is in good hands with us.