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This is a game that has players who say, delete and modify cars and many other facilities. Spawn machine and the time

to create a new one with the best color

After his work on the machine. This is a fantastic, sandboksa card and many other parameters. Until then, until chakaetstsapragulka offersso many things to be done.

It should not have a precision

simulates every part of the car, you voditsead each tire on radijatorza engines. This means that in a collision cause real damage to the vehicle shape, as well as their interaction with the “bodies” of other objects (for example,subject clash Dummies) in interesting ways. Because of all these details BeamNG not completely stable game. Instead stalnoNesreća games sometimes forced to reveal instability and again all available means to its original position. But glitches funny and fast emptying, it can be said that it isthe reason that guliatsgulnia.

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