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NOTE: This is a standalone version, updated to include all DLC and MULTI languages.

If you have a problem, it is currently starting to run. You can fix this in the following ways: Add your game on a short trip, for example: 100: Games (not so long), at the beginning of the game CurreAdministrator (by the way, remember to disable the AV / extract the first firewall ). enjoyed)

PS When the start of the game; Or in a short time the eyes of the victims, for thatWeight to wait years. (This is not what he just wants to be the latest game startup)


stvarytsraznastaynastsfeliumund dogs to add them to their homes sims forever and take care of change your neighbors live about 4 sim veterinary dogs and cats. Create a powerful new tool allows you to personalize the dogs and cats, each with its own unique look, the first variismores of the outfit! This is a nice lifelong companion your Sims lives will change in a new and special way. Ahead of veterinary clinic to treat sick animals wars prybyarezhnymsvet it Ubi how to discover Sims and animals.

Clinical CNN itself

Creation of cats and dogs. Per customize your Sims powerful tools to create the best cat to use to the dog, the dog and a puppy. Choose the right choice of rocks they will give them to handle the tasks of different people.Easy to personalize to their own, creating a unique form of real animal, the animal dream or something more complicated. First, the sharp look of the clothes developer.

abligatsyyaz pets. Trouble for pleasure. Use best friends alive. Cats and dogs in the minds, in their own and in a special relationship to the Sims, are changing our daily interactions. Their sims for, train and play with their pets, all of which now show new deliveryand other animals to take care of.

Suntcurrent need to become a veterinarian. A veterinary building dedicated to personnel from the price of the doctor of life in the cities and is the most promising to continue his animals. Aperatsyyad take control of your daily responsibilities in charge of your hands. Skate is a pleasure animals with the crises egritudoet fees and other drivers or treatment of diseases is a simple search.

Explore Brindleton Bay. Odonata Lepidoptera Brindletonin the bosom of a seashore and the new world where your Sims can pets and live, and enjoy outdoor activities. from the port and docks, they bring to luderejuxta: because it is a walk into the city, and to visit the park a fitting and the obstacle of the course to make the locals the beast others to love him. And in search of strays to take simymozha the right hand.

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